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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Essential Oils have been used as homeopathic remedies for centuries. Found on almost every continent, there are plants that when properly prepared provide great medical benefit.

The Walker Walsh Company recommend that you review our website, the Internet, and read books on essential oils in order to obtain knowledge that will help you lead a long, beneficial and productive life.The Founders of the Walker Walsh Company have traveled the world to bring you the very best essential oils. And, we only provide our essential oils neat; that is, we do not add anything to the essential oils. There are no carrier oils, additives, fillers, or anything else used to dillute the essential oils.

However, should you wish to dilute our essential oils without diluting the properties of the essential oils, we do sell one of the very best carrier oils ("Cold-Rolled Sesame Seed Oil") available. Cold-rolled means that the sesame seed's oils are pressed without any additional heat to maximize the nutrients in the oil.

We often receive many similar questions - to help you, we have provided them below:

1. Prices of essential oils differ greatly online – why?

Yes, prices range from “too good to be true” to “exorbitant.” Before you purchase any essential oil, we recommend taking two steps before you make a purchase:

  1. Look at the name of the essential oil on the bottle – some essential oils have very similar sounding and spelling names – to ensure that you are, indeed, purchasing the essential oil that you had intended to purchase; and,
  2. Read the ingredients on the label. The only ingredient on the label should be the essential oil that you had intended to purchase. If there is any other ingredient listed as an ingredient, the bottle probably contains fillers and various carrier oils.

Our essential oils are pure and natural with no synthetic or natural additives, preservatives, or carrier oils. The Walker Walsh Company sells essential oil . . . pure & simple.

2. What is the difference between “therapeutic-grade” and “medical-grade” essential oils?

Currently, there is no regulated naming convention. However, during our Internet research, we have found that some other companies are using the terms interchangeably.

Here, at the Walker Walsh Company, to use this naming convention, all of our oils – including our blends – are medical grade essential oils.

3. What does "organic" mean?

For us, organic refers to how the plant was grown. Specifically, was the plant cultivated and were pesticides used during the plant's growth. Leafy plants are particularly susceptible to absorbing pesticides. Here at the Walker Walsh Company, we purchase "organic" essential oils and we test our oils to ensure that no pesticides are present.

4. Do you conduct your own tests or do you contract the tests to a 3rd party?

The Walker Walsh Company tests its esential oils - both for chemical constituents and to ensure that the essential oil is pesticide-free. To ensure the fidelity of the tests, we contract our testing to Eurofins Laboratories, an international testing organication, who conducts a Gas Chromograph and a Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS Analysis).

Please see the Walker Walsh Code of Ethics, which was written to provide a focus for our company and to provide our Customers with the knowledge that you are purchasing 100% pure essential oil without anything added to “fill the bottle.”


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